Java Republic provides the right size machine that suits your needs. We offer flexible terms, free delivery and installation. We keep your machine clean & filled with top quality supplies. Our main priority is 100% customer satisfaction. We have the right business solutions for all your coffee needs. We have three models of machines to choose from i.e. Counter Top, Mid-Size, Full Features.

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What's Brewing at Work?

Coffee is generally the most consumed beverage in the workplace and not only has it become an integral part of workplace culture; it is also shown to improve employee productivity, morale, customer loyalty, and revenue.

Did you know?

  • The average employee spends $650 a year on cups of coffee outside the workplace, which translates into about 38 hours away from the workplace
  • 55% of workers drink at least one cup of coffee each workday
  • 61% of workers who drink coffee drink at least two cups per day
  • 32% of workers say they depend on coffee to make it through the day
  • 34% claim they are less productive at work when they don't drink coffee
  • 59% of workers would rather have a coffee break than a snack break at work
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Enjoy a coffee break with us !

We will treat your team to a selection of delicious coffee.